Submersible Motors


Borana has a wide range of Submersible electric motors in different voltages from series 4” to 10” that suits various kinds of user requirements. As per NEMA standards, Borana made Submersible motors of 100 % stainless steel with accuracy and innovative technique. Without having any priming and suction problems, these Submersible motors are very easy to assemble, dismantle and repair. Submersible motor contained within rubber sock to maintain the pump’s dryness. The body of Borana Submersible motor is made with anti-corrosive material which restricts the corrosion to be happened in Submersible pump, thus causes low maintenance, high durability and higher efficiency. We also manufacture and provide all the essential parts of Submersible motor to the suppliers.

Stainless steel Submersible motors are electric motors which are sealed in Submersible pumps to power the mechanism of pumping i.e. pump the water out of the surface. Submersible motors are meant to be water tight to prevent the arrival of water inside and damage the motor.

  • 4” Motor Series - MCIP 100/100.5/101
  • 4” Motor Series - PRE/100/100.5/101 (Resign Cooled)
  • 6” Motor Series - BMSF C-150
  • 6” Motor Series - BSM-150
  • 8” Motor Series - BSM 200
  • 10” Motor Series – BSM 250


  • Protection: IP68
  • PE2/PE Winding insulation for Max atmospheric temp.
  • Non Contaminating FES 93 filling.
  • NEMA Standard coupling dimensions.
  • Lead material in accordance with regulation for drinking water.


Motors are built in CI-FG -260/ SS AISI 304/SS AISI 316 etc.


We offer a complete submersible motor range in different voltages:
  • 4” motors, Three-Phase up to 7.5/5.0 HP/Kw (Rewindable)
  • 6” motors, Three-Phase up to 3.0-40.0/2.2-30.0 HP/Kw (Rewindable)
  • 8” motors, Three-Phase up to 20.0-125/15-93.0 HP/Kw (Rewindable)
  • 10” motors, Three-Phase up to 116.0-252/85-185 HP/Kw (Rewindable)


  • High efficiency electrical design for reduced running cost.
  • Submersible motor uses non-contaminating, water filled motor design.
  • Water lubricated thrust enables continuous maintenance free operation of Submersible motor.
  • The Submersible motors are ready to operate, providing frost protection down to -15~C.
  • For high performance in sand, sand slinger & shaft seal/mechanical seal are fitted in Submersible motor.
  • Standard Submersible motor with taping winding insulation for motor ambient of 30~C with a min.
  • NEMA Standard coupling dimensions.


Shaft seal is used to provide optimum wear resistance and long life to stainless steel Submersible motors. It is spring loaded with larger surface area and sand shield, results in a high performance in sand without any penetration of particles and sand.


Borana’s both Submersible pumps and motors are protected against occurring of up thrust in the critical start up phase, thus avoid Submersible pumps and Submersible motors from damage.


Borana’s all Submersible motors having efficient cooling chambers at the top and at the bottom. As long as inside the motor required liquid circulates, cooling of the motor will be efficient.