Open Well Pumps


Borana Open well Submersible pump Series

Borana Open well Submersible pump is made up of stainless steel and designed for underwater applications. Open well pumps specifically used to be installed under open wells where water level fluctuates frequently. Stainless steel body of Open well pump is designed such as to resist rust and motor burning. Borana pump also manufactures Open well pump spares of superior quality which are resistant to wear and tear, easy to install and maintain as well as dimensionally precise. Widely used in agricultural water pumping, domestic segments like water supply in high rise housing apartments and other industrial applications, its many inherent advantages and features help to fulfill various requirements of users. Open well pumps are meant to remain submerged in water and therefore it never requires priming and foot valve. Borana Open well pumps are engineered to give best operating efficiency, are highly durable, long lasting and able to withstand wide voltage fluctuation.

Overview & Feature

Technical Detail of Open well Pump

Head:- H: Max. 67 m
Dis. :- Max. 1000 LPM
Rating:- 3.0 HP to 10 HP
Liquid Temperature:- O C. to 60 c.


  • Easy to handle and assemble –separate foundation and installation platform or pump base not required.
  • High operating efficiency.
  • Replaceable wearing parts and hence longer life of the pump.
  • Easy maintenance and spares availability.
  • Can work even on low voltage.
  • Priming & foot valve not required.
  • Carbon V/S stainless steel thrust bearing pads for low power consumption.
  • Single shaft for pump & motor ensures permanent correct line alignment.
  • More hygienic and potable for drinking water.


Borana Stainless steel Open well pump is designed for the wide applications like:

  • Pumping from sumps for high rise housing apartments.
  • River & canal lift-irrigation in agriculture
  • Open well pumping for agriculture & irrigation.
  • Gardening and sprinkler/conventional irrigation.
  • Drinking water supply.
  • Industrial & domestic water supply.
  • Circulation, ornamental fountain installation and air conditioning plants. De watering of mines, offshore, platforms, etc.